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High-Quality 1080p Photoshop wallpaper PSD Templates

High-Quality 1080p Photoshop wallpaper PSD Template Free Download

High definition Photoshop wallpaper templates free download desktop wallpapers windows wallpapers ready to use Photoshop PSD files for wedding album designs.

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the image there we go now this card has the colour red now we need this car to change its colour from red to which colour so let’s go ahead and check what the hex code was so there we are with the hex code it was zero A for let’s

Move back to Photoshop create a shape click on the rectangle tool create a rectangle and click on file and click on this button there you can choose the colour that you want exactly the colour so what is the hex code zero a for e4

Right this was the colour click OK we don’t want any Photoshop wallpaper stroke so make sure stroke is cancelled right there and this is the colour which we want to transform the color of this car to now we need to sample this

Cars color so find out an even place where there is no reflection HD background images for Photoshop PSD nothing where the true color of the car shows up so in this car as you can see this area have a look at this area in this area we have flat color of the car so we need to

sample the color of the car from this area and to be doubly sure to have an accurate free PSD templates sampling of the color how about averaging this so select any selection tool maybe the lasso tool select the car layer just

zoom it a little bit and just select this area and press ctrl command J now this puts this area Photoshop HD background into its own layer now we need to average this how to average this resin hold alt or option click on this again to bring that every

Other layer so hold controller command and click on this makes background PSD the selection of this area now go to filter blur average ok now we have an average of this all you wanted this is just for sampling purposes to create another

Rectangle click on this rectangle create another rectangle ok then the car layer off for a second and fill click on it click on this and then sample this area makes your point sample is selected from here point sample this one and sample

this color click OK now just let’s close it have a look Photoshop wallpaper we have both the samples now you can delete this layer one and there we are so our job is to change this red color to this color so in order to exactly match here’s what you need to

Do click on any one of these rectangles and bring them closer to one another HD background images for Photoshop PSD just like they are touching each other maybe just like that ok so that when they match this line goes away now create a hue/saturation adjustment layer

ok now we need to make a selection of this red color as we did in the previous tutorial about removing stains remember so click on this hand icon just sample this area or maybe this area there we go and it makes a selection take the slider

of the hue, all the way to the left then make this narrower and move it holding background HD images for Photoshop the PSD graphics middle move it so much so that it selects the car at its best so at this point, it selects most of the car, not all of it most of it

now gradually just drag the slider the inner one of the right to the right just like that and stop just when it selects the whole of the car this extra area and if you go beyond that as you can see the road is also selected so you need to

Stop just at the point where the car is selected this is okay now background PSD what does the outer PSD graphics slider do think of this as fuzziness I’ve already talked about this it controls the transition between the area that is selected and the area that

is not selected just like feathering the more the gap have a look HD backgrounds for Photoshop free download the more the gap between the right slider and the right fuzziness slider the softer the selection would be okay so just like that we need to have it a little soft

and do it same to the left move it to the left just talk when the whole of the car is selected okay give it a little fuzziness and that’s pretty good now all you have to do Photoshop wallpaper¬†play with these three sliders in saturation and

lightness till this matches with this rectangle so let’s zoom don’t look at a car just free PSD templates look at the rectangle right now but as we zoomed in the car have a look there are certain areas which are left out so we might have to go a little

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