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Photoshop background images
Photoshop background images

HD Photoshop Background Images For Designing Free Download

HD Photoshop Background Images For Designing Free Download

1080×1920 high-resolution Photoshop background images free download for photo albums and also you can use it as desktop background on your windows display

Hue/Saturation adjustment layer this is an awesome adjustment Photoshop background layer at its base you can just grab the hue and kind of move this around and it’s going to change the hue of everything that’s on my image now, in this case, the only

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things that really have color of the sky the car and a little bit of the ground so this is a really good example to work with but you can see when i zoom here in here let’s say I wanted to make my car green or something like that

It’s going to affect the colour in my headlights and other things like that so background for Photoshop one of the really great things you can do let’s go ahead and reset this you can actually pinpoint this to a specific colour range so here what I’m going to do

is I’m going to go from master and I’m going to go down to my blues and now we’re actually just Photoshop background images going to change our blues so as I move this around you can see my lights say the same everything is going to stay the same it’s just my

blues that are actually changing now if you want to pinpoint this a little Photoshop background images bit better grab this eyedropper tool and you can actually click right there on your image and that will it’ll automatically load up whatever colour you click on like

if I click on this headlight it’s going to automatically load up the headlight click back on the blue and it’ll automatically load up that color so we are going to choose that to change this to a little bit of a green now keep in

mind there are some things that we need to do when we’re changing a colour background images for Photoshop free download especially for a car you can see let’s just turn this off and on we can see some of the changes that it’s made turning this off and back on

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