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background HD images for Photoshop
background HD images for Photoshop

PSD Background HD Images For Photoshop Free Download

PSD Background HD Images For Photoshop Wedding Album

Wedding Anniversary special background HD images for Photoshop in PSD format free to download high quality fully layered ready to use desktop wallpapers.

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our images any image will do let’s import say this one let’s import free PSD that into Photoshop just like that and simple but the brush selected like the colour that you want and just done I would probably create it on a new list

So that I can control the opacity and if you want to increase the intensity make a Photoshop background images HD copy of it controller command J this increases the intensity now how about creating an object about it okay let’s come back to this one how

To create an object okay to leave these things now to create an object turn off the background layer and the background has to be transparent totally transparent then it’s very simple to go to file export as or save it as a

PNG simply our fund is saving it as a PNG why PNG because PNG background HD images for Photoshop supports transparent backgrounds PNG supports transparency unlike JPEG because JPEG comes with a white background no matter with what transparency your image has so

make sure the format is PNG and make sure transparency is checked and everything else is fine convert to check this if you had not converted to surge while creating a new document export all choose the name that you want

I’m going to save this in desktop studio background PSD I already created one so I’m going to name this say sign to free PSD save okay now all you have to do very simple there are two ways again there are two awesome ways to import this go to file place embedded

and then choose the one that you like this was in desktop sign to place and it’s done make it smaller place it here how to change the colour of this very simply create a solid colour adjustment layer click on this grey white icon and

choose solid colour choose the colour that you want white click OK press and hold alt or option and click on the line between these two what this actually does is that can find the solid colour layer so the

layer which is just beneath it, okay it allows you to apply the solid colour PSD file download layer just to whatever there is in the immediate layer which is just beneath it now I can double click on this and change the colour to whatever you like in

a real time which is exciting click OK if you’re satisfied I like white click OK if you want to decrease the opacity of this select the layer not the solid colour adjustment layer select the layer and decrease the opacity as you like

also, you can even drag and drop it if background Photoshop you want so all you have to do background HD images for Photoshop just go to the desktop locate further is sign to just drag it and drop it just over the canvas okay over the canvas not here if you do it here it will open it up as a

separate image ok just over the canvas just drop it here and it’s done ok these layers studio background PSD 12×36 karizma are already there so I just messed up but you get the idea right let’s go ahead and delete this and let me show you again just drag it and drop

it over the canvas this will open up as a separate layer just like they did in place embedded pretty much the same right so that’s how you convert your signature into a bottom on just a couple of things to remember number one while

you are creating your signature just make sure the colour of the paper contrasts PSD file download with that of the colour with which you’re signing with in this case that’s why I chose white and black completely contrast right don’t sign

with a nice colour sketch pen or a pen on a white paper, it’s going to be difficult for Photoshop to kind of expand secondly just open it up in Photoshop set the white point and the black point and the white balance and then select

colour range choose shadows you know what to do range and fuzziness and that’s pretty much done you can save that as an object or define that as a brush preset I hope this video helps you and if it did make sure to give us a like and also

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